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Abarth 595 Turismo Introducing the Abarth 595 Turismo
Abarth 595 Turismo

Abarth 595 Turismo

Available from £20,160 from Bishops Abarth, Guildford

The Abarth 595 Turismo is part of the Abarth 595 range and aims to compete on two levels; style and power. Why choose between performance and design when you can have both? Abarth shares your passion for the track and exudes the spirit of racing with the Abarth Trofeo European series. Every one of our cars stays true to a perfect balance of style and character, compact size and feisty competitiveness. The thrill of the race is their number one goal. Abarth will enable you to hone your skills on the track, allowing you to enhance your own Abarth so you can extract every bit of performance potential. To support the programme across Continental Europe, the official Abarth Assetto Corse facilities are a network of highly specialised racing workshops, authorised to install the performance kits in full compliance with environmental and safety regulations and type-approval. These facilities will give you the opportunity to realise your potential and could provide a launch pad towards professional racing!

"Selecting Sport mode also triggers an increase in throttle response and adds weight to the steering. The latter is lively but not jittery, with decent feedback about the front tyres’ grip. Despite the 595’s high sides, compared with its length, body roll is kept under control in the Turismo – “frequency selective” dampers are fitted to the rear suspension to increase roadholding and stability. The setup results in very little understeer, too, with plenty of grip at the front, even when you’re pulling hard out of corners." - The Sunday Times Driving Writer Will Dron

The Sunday Times Driving Review

Performance Derived Design

Every detail has been designed with performance in mind. New lateral air intakes on the rear bumper bring increased airflow to the engine and intercooler. The front bumper, side skirts, spoiler and the rear diffuser all contribute to sticking the car to the road. The new rear diffuser can be customised with three colour packs; white, red and black allowing you to make your Abarth your own. The enjoyment gained from the Abarth engine sound coupled with the Abarth dual exhaust in chrome steel which only enhances the sound further. Let your followers hear the intense, powerful roar which is unique to Abarth engines.

Uconnect™ 5" DAB Radio with touchscreen and Uconnect Live services as standard available with built-in navigation. Uconnect™ 7" HD, offers a faster processor, high-def screen, navigation and DAB digital radio. The Uconnect 7" HD system also comes with Abarth Telemetry for tracking the drivers performance on a variety of race circuits, helping you study and improve your driving style. Available in black fabric, black leather, red leather, natural leather and grey leather, you can express your own individuality this year.

​Choose, change, tune. Modification and upgrading is at the heart of the Abarth Brand philosophy, with kits available to further enhance the performance of your new Abarth. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Abarth Winter Kit takes on winter in all its forms: snow, ice, and cold are no problem thanks to high-performance alloy rims and Pirelli winter tyres. Dedicated to those who love to challenge themselves, even in the most difficult and demanding situations. The Abarth Winter Kit is delivered in the original wooden elaboration kit which contains: -4 ×16”” alloy rims matt black 8-spoke design -4 Pirelli Snow Control winter tyres (195/45 R16 84H) -Abarth hub caps.

Abarth know how to take care of original performance with a range of oils, additives and cleaning products to help you keep your new Abarth in peak condition. Style is also seen in the details. Like the designer caps with aluminium cover. two versions: with the “Esseesse” Wording or with the scorpion logo.