Sustainability & Environmental Policy

The Barnes Group is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

All our franchises offer vehicles that are manufactured to the latest standards in environmental technology. All new vehicles conform to the EU standards for low emissions and fuel efficiency. All new vehicles are displayed with environmental details to view. Our workshops must conform with environmental waste regulations.

It is a requirement of the hazardous waste regulations that all our sites which generate hazardous waste are registered with the Environment Agency. The waste is legally stored and then disposed of via a professional agency. So, all our used oil filters, fuel filters, brake fluid, anti-freeze and batteries are disposed of correctly. You have no need to worry.

All mechanical parts removed during warranty repairs are sent back to the factory for assessment for fault. Thereafter they, and any other faulty or worn parts, are processed for re-furbishment, re-cycling or scrap metal, whichever is appropriate.

Our manufacturers' commitment to preserving the environment goes even further. They are working on even cleaner, alternative power sources, including zero-emission fuel cell technology for example. They have dramatically reduced manufacturing emissions, and all new models use more recycled materials and more recyclable parts than ever before.

Our offices recycle paper and cardboard and we are working towards 'greener' communication with you, our customers. We hope to use e-mail & SMS text much more in the future, to communicate to you our service reminders, offers and new vehicle launches.