Alfa Romeo Giulia Introducing the Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Available from £39,929 from Bishops Alfa Romeo in Guildford

The award winning Alfa Romeo sports saloon. Italian design and high performance engines guarantee unmistakable driving pleasure.

A refreshed Alfa Romeo Giulia is the most distinctive and comfortable companion in your everyday life without ever losing its key characteristics. A timeless style that embodies the Italian automotive spirit and features the latest safety and infotainment systems, Giulia has everything you need to enjoy the short drives and enjoy the long journeys.


Enter the vehicle and be greeted with a driver focused cockpit where form, substance and beauty have been focused together to provide a unique driving experience.

The Giulia boasts traditional and luxury Italian style and shows excellence in every detail. Elegance and comfort have been fused together to deliver uniqueness and personality, with a choice of wood surfaces in walnut or oak, brushed aluminium insets, the use of technical fabrics and leather finishes. Each of these composes an interior that is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Drivers can expect a 7” TFT cluster placed behind the steering wheel, allowing you to keep everything under control wherever you are on the road. The large screen allows you to see important driving data, warnings and notifications from Giulia quickly and easily without having to shift your eyes from the journey ahead.

Placed in the centre of the stunning dashboard is a 8.8” multi-touch display with organisable widgets to enhance connectivity and ease of viewing for maps, contacts and car performance.


An unmistakable silhouette that combines cutting-edge engineering and aerodynamics to create a car of unrivalled beauty, the Giulia is here to turn heads.

Behind the beautiful and sporty body lies the true heart of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Advanced technology, bold dynamic spirit and outstanding performance all work to put the driver and their emotions at the centre of each drive.

The Giulia is available in various colours, including our personal favourites – Visconti Green, Anodized Blue and Moonlight Pearl.

An iconic carbon fibre Trilobe front grille stands proudly at the front of this model, showing off V shape and muscular lines to signify the power hidden under the body.

19” alloy wheels with coloured brake calipers glide this model along the road, ensuring grip and stamina throughout the entire journey.


Composed to perform in all areas.

The engines for the Giulia model all have a high compression ratio and are made entirely out of aluminium, offering a guaranteed balance of power and refinement.

2.0 Petrol 200 hp and 280 hp with Rear-Wheel-Drive, combined with ZF 8-speed automatic transmission gives you an ultimate performance feel to the drive. Opt for the 2.2 Diesel 160 and 190 hp with Rear-Wheel-Drive combined with ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and you’ll receive maximum engine efficiency and on-road performance to really show off.

Driving pleasure should never be optional. 50/50 optimal weight distribution is reached thanks to the extensive use of ultralight materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre, paired with exceptional engineering. These uncompromised choices deliver first-class handling to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.

The carbon fibre driveshaft is taken directly from the world of competitive on-the-track racing and is standard on all models. This also helps contribute to the overall lightweight design of the vehicle and the highly reactive acceleration from the motor.

Alfa Romeo Giulia brings together design, power and innovation, all thanks to a series of patented technologies and the use of lightweight materials to deliver unique and unmistakable driving excitement.