Electric Mobility

Welcome to the Fiat hub dedicated to electric mobility

The world of electric motoring is increasing more and more every year, and Fiat’s electric and hybrid range is no different.

Discover here what going electric stands for, clarify all your doubts about making the change, and find out the benefits and incentives available if you do make the switch to electric this year.

Ride the future. Get the present.


KIRI is the first electric journey-generated digital currency.

The more miles you drive, the more KIRI coins you collect in your digital wallet, and the more products and accessories you can get within the KIRI marketplace.

Thanks to the KIRI app, you can check your digital wallet, access the KIRI portal, and use your KIRI Coins immediately. The more you drive, the more you get, and driving with the Fiat 500e rewards you!

Range and battery charging


The Fiat 500e provides you with up to 199 miles of range on a combined cycle.

Battery charging

You are able to charge the new Fiat 500 Electric both at home and at thousands of public charging points across the UK. Click play to learn more about recharging an electric Fiat!

The speed factor

Speed is the biggest impact factor on battery range. When driving at 70mph, at constant speed, the range of a 100% electric vehicle is almost halved compared to that of the WLTP cycle. On the other hand, at constant urban driving speeds, the range can be extended beyond the WLTP cycle.

Driving habits matter

Eco-driving is key to ensuring you maximise the autonomy of electric vehicles. Smooth acceleration and gentle use of braking reduces energy consumption, whilst the one-pedal drive function maximises the regenerative braking effect. Combined, these can help optimise autonomy by 15%-20%. 

Temperature onboard and autonomy

Exterior temperatures, plus heating or air conditioning can vary the potential range by up to 40%, depending on your desired onboard temperature. Preheating the vehicle whilst still plugged in is very effective to improve autonomy. You can preset this from your smartphone or infotainment system.

An exclusive charging station wallbox

The exclusive optional easyWallbox has been designed exclusively for FCA to create your personal charging point at home. All set with the “Plug & Play” technology which requires no professional installation and a Bluetooth connection, for settings and checking operating parameters.

The easyWallbox has a Dynamic Power Management (DPM) sensor to prevent blackouts in the house and if you upgrade to 7.4kW (with a professional installation), the all new Fiat 500e will recharge in less than 4 hours!*

*charging times 15-80% SoC.

Connect and Charge

Opt for the Connected Wallbox and you’ll have an advanced home charging solution which features remote connectivity, and also works with three phase connections, up to 11kW. With the Connected Wallbox you can start and control charging sessions via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G/3G, know who is currently using the wallbox, schedule charging to optimise costs and much more. Installation services are provided by FCA through its selected partner.

Electric driving and car maintenance

Electric driving is a completely new idea of mobility, and it’s full of advantages: from technology, to sustainability, to maintenance.

Electric driving



The New 500 Electric helps you save more than just fuel: maintenance costs are up to 35% less compared to a combustion engine-car.