Fiat 500e Introducing the Fiat 500e

New Fiat 500e from £23,835

Available from Bishops Fiat in Guildford, Surrey

“So it’s time for 500 to use its popularity to become part of the solution. To commit to a higher purpose.” Olivier François – President Fiat Brand Global

Designed for the next decade, the new Fiat 500e La Prima is built on a completely new platform. A competitive range, a fast charging mode and a branded wallbox for easy home charging will all come as standard on this exciting new model.

Beauty meets purpose on board the new 500. Available in new body colours including; Ocean Green, Celestial Blue, Mineral Grey, Rose Gold, Ice White and Onyx Black.

This model is wider, longer and wheels are planted further out, whilst still maintaining the iconic 500 shape. With a new clean design, fewer buttons and essential lines inside and out, this is set to be the most beautiful 500 ever.


The interior of this new exciting model is wider, longer and a whole lot more comfortable than ever before. All details are inspired by natural materials and designed to amplify the spaciousness of the car.

A dedicated logo with the classic 500 badge enriches the stylish steering, which has been reshaped but holds the essential style of the two-spoke 1957 original 500.

The leather free seats of the 500e La Prima are completely new, and embossed with the Fiat monogram. The seats are highly adjustable, supportive and even heated for maximum comfort.

You and your belongings will have more space than ever. Redesigned storage compartments fill the new Fiat 500e interior, with a smartphone holder and retractable cup holder included to ensure everything is at hand and uncluttered so you can drive with less stress.

The leather free wrapped dashboard will mark a change of tides in terms of interior car design towards a more sustainable future. The dashboard is home to the brand new 10.25” state-of-the-art infotainment system and will become a natural extension of your smartphone, with thanks to the ultra-fast Bluetooth pairing, wireless charging dock and wireless Apple CarPlay integration.

The Cinerama Infotainment system on the new Fiat 500e La Prima makes it easier and clearer to operate than ever before. Bluetooth pairing is ultra-fast and connects all the smartphones in the car in less than 5 seconds from the door open. A wireless charging dock and wireless Apple CarPlay integration is also available in this car, ensuring a clutter-free cabin and will always keep you connected.


True to its roots and to 500’s iconic style, the new electric 500 is more beautiful than ever thanks to a new cleaner, more refined design and subtle lines, with the 500 logo moved to the front to reaffirm its unmistakable personality. Wider and longer than before, it has an even greater on-road presence.

Opt for the Cabrio and you'll receive a dolce vita open-air feeling due to the brand new Fiat Monogram roof. This signifies a tribute to the brands 120 years of history.

LED indicators on this new model have been inspired by the essential style of the 1957 Fiat 500. This heritage detail tributes to the same spirit that inspired our yesterday and leads our tomorrow. The full LED light signature will give a clear perspective on the road at all times with a refreshed, yet recognisable 500 look.


Crafted for the city. The range on the new Fiat 500e La Prima will give you enough energy to commute into the city, going to work, to the gym and back home thanks to a range of up to 199 miles range.

A 500 Wallbox with a Mode 3 Cable will be included in your deal and is exclusive to this model so you can set up your own charging station at home. Set with Plug & Play technology which requires no installation, just a Bluetooth connection, to check the battery status. This Wallbox has a stabilised energy system to prevent powercuts in the house and if you opt to upgrade to 7kw, the new 500e La Prima will recharge in half the time.

The battery can be fast charged at high 85kw, allowing a 30 mile range with just a 5 minute charge, reaching 80% battery charge in 35 minutes. If you need to charge when out and about, this is no problem for the 500e, with the Mode 3 Cable you can charge at public fast charging stations and parking spaces with no problem.

Exclusive “Sherpa Mode” allows the car to minimise energy and calculates exactly how to get to your destination whilst optimising the cars parameters. For example, mobile charging, air conditioning, limiting speed or acceleration.


This model will be the first small car to bring Level 2 Autonomous Driving, which means a superior level of safety for urban mobility. Your car will be your trusted co-driver by accelerating, braking and keeping in lane autonomously.

Your new Fiat 500e La Prima will be able to make your commute travels smoother in many ways. Firstly, the car will read the road signs and suggest what speed you should keep to on that specific road. Then, once you’ll have set the speed and distance on the steering wheel controls, the system will then keep the set distance from the vehicle in front (when over 18 mph) and it will stop when the traffic does, as well as keeping you in the centre of the lane (when over 37 mph).

When manoeuvering at low speed, minimise the chances of accidentally bumping into a car or a wall. Under 8mph the 360 degree view-parking sensors with 11 sensors placed on the front, side and rear of the new 500e, will detect any obstacles around the vehicle alerting the driver to the objects proximity.

There is still so much left to be uncovered with this exciting new model, including so much more technology and added safety features. Want to find out more? Book an appointment with one of our friendly Sales Executives on 01483 617381 or pop into our showroom at 29 Moorfield Road, Slyfield Industrial Estate, Guildford, GU1 1RU.

All-new 500e is available to order from Bishops Fiat in Guildford, Surrey.