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Fiat Panda Introducing the Fiat Panda
Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda Range

Available from £10,255 from Bishops Fiat in Guildford, Surrey

"These models not only look really cute but the 4x4 is also far more able off-road than you’d ever expect. Good traction and its compact dimensions make it an unlikely off-road hero." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

"with that little engine tick-tocking away like a toy helicopter, insistent drive and grippy tyres, the Panda just hops up slopes and putters down steep inclines." - Car Magazine Contributing Editor Steve Moody

Car Magazine Review

"The Fiat Panda is a characterful city car with lots of practical touches" - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"The Panda’s airy cabin, diminutive scale, light steering and uncomplicated controls make it entertaining and easy to drive" - The Sunday Times Driving Writer Richard Bremner

The Sunday Times Driving Review

The perfect car for city living, the Panda combines tough, rugged design with a comfortable interior to help you tackle the streets of your city, available as the Fiat Panda, Panda City Cross, Panda Cross or Panda 4x4.

The inspiration for the Panda’s design is the “squircle”, (a square with rounded edges) which has been incorporated into all areas of the Panda’s blueprint. The soft, contoured edges are more than simply aesthetic; they help improve aerodynamics when built into the bodywork and also make the most of the interior space - eliminating the sharp corners of a square makes for fewer obstructions and inaccessible areas.

The horizontal grille and rounded “jewel” headlights, that are placed higher than usual to improve illumination and prevent breakages, highlight the exterior. The interior has received similar attention to detail and is designed to save you time and make life that little bit easier.

A range of 14 handy storage compartments and a compact handbrake ensures there’s enough room to store everything you might need, and the clever design means the Panda maintains its compact nature ideal for urban life. The raised driving seat gives you the view needed for manoeuvring and grants good visibility from all angles.

New Fiat Panda Waze Special Edition

Crossover looks, social at heart. Prepare to take on the urban jungle with your friends. Join the community, get into Waze! Discover the ultimate 2.0 driving experience with Panda Waze. Made possible by the integration of two global smartphone apps, Wave and Panda Uconnect.

Waze is a navigation app that saves time during your journeys, offering better routes and helping you to avoid traffic jams using real time traffic and road updates from its user community. Panda Uconnect is an app that allows you to use your smartphone as an extension of your car's infotainment. Available for both Android and iOS platforms.

What if driving today were as fun and easy as using your favourite social networks? With the Panda Uconnect app, you will automatically join Waze, the biggest community of motorists in the world. Imagine thousands of users sharing traffic information directly from their cars, suggesting the fastest routes on the less crowded roads in real time, with the added bonus of pointing you to the cheapest fuel stations nearby.

Capture the best moments of your journey. With the Panda Uconnect app, you can take photos and record videos inside the car, or of the road in front of you from your mobile placed in the holder. With its two Parking and Driving modes, Panda Uconnect adapts its interface according to your driving speed. At speeds higher than 3 mph you can take and save photos, but you won't be able to see them on the screen of your smartphone until you stop.

Your wallet, your jacket, your umbrella? How often do you forget things in your car? The object Reminder function of the Panda Uconnect app will send a notification to your smartphone if you forget something in the car.

Genuine crossover looks for the most social SUV ever, Panda Waze has everything you need to take on the urban jungle in style. The Waze logo stylishly makes its presence felt on the front mudguards. The dynamic urban personality is also highlighted by black colouring details, underlining the side mouldings, the mirror caps, the longitudinal bars on the roof and the door handles.

The external visual impact is completed by the 15 inch rims with their new burnished finish. Crossover inside and out but with all the comforts of a city car. From the radio controls on the steering wheel and the new instrument panel, to the six airbags for safer trips and comfortable new fabric seats.

The Panda has a range of engines, all of which are expertly engineered to provide high performance as well as low fuel consumption. Options include the award-winning turbocharged 0.875-litre 85bhp TwinAir petrol engine, which delivers power when needed whilst maintaining fuel efficiency, or the 1.3-litre 75bhp MultiJet II diesel engine. Both are equipped with Fiat’s Intelligent Start&Stop system that decreases fuel consumption, saving both money and the environment.

The Panda is packed with useful, inventive technology that is in keeping with today’s world to make driving easier and more enjoyable. Optional Blue&Metm –TomTom 2 LIVE technology provides hands-free entertainment and navigation, making you and your passenger’s ride enjoyable and stress-free, while steering wheel buttons and voice controls make controlling your environment a breeze. Electronic driving aids such as ABS and ESP help make your driving as safe as it can be, while all-round airbags, advanced seatbelts and anti-whiplash head restraints keep you secure in the event of an accident.

New Fiat Panda Trussardi

“Founded in Bergamo in 1911 as a glove company, over the years Trussardi established itself as a leader in crafting small leather goods and accessories that merge quality materials with cutting-edge design and research. Today Trussardi is famous the world over as an Italian lifestyle brand that is synonymous with excellence, craftsmanship traditions and contemporary elegance.”

Original. Unique. Surprising.

The brand new Panda Trussardi is now available at Bishops Fiat, and will enable you to enjoy every journey in comfort and style.

The sleek new Caffe Italiano Paint and exclusive Trussardi logo on the alloy wheels, side moulding and rear window give this model a unique finish so you’re sure to always be in style with Fiat. This model is also available in other carefully crafted colours including Ambient White, DarkWave Black, or Colosseo Grey.

Luxury doesn’t end there. With new elegant seats and designer upholstery, the interior of the Fiat Panda Trussardi boasts true Italian craftsmanship, completed by a Trussardi steering wheel and dashboard in Caffe colour.

With Fiat, connectivity is key. This model comes with Uconnect radio and Bluetooth technology for a seamless connection with your smartphone. At the touch of a button, your integrated steering wheel controls will enable you to stay connected without taking your eyes off the road ahead.

The Uconnect app gives you access to your favourite radio stations, your personal playlists, your contacts and your apps all in one place, keeping you connected at all times.

Fiat Panda Trussardi is not just stylish, but helpful too. Gear Shift Indicator (GSI) lets you know when you should change gears, and the StartStop technology stops the engine when the vehicle is stationary. Fiat Panda Trussardi helps you to save fuel and also reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.