Fiat 500C takes home a win in What Car? Awards 2022

The Fiat 500C has won Best Convertible for Value in the 2022 What Car? Awards!

What Car? said: “One thing that the Italians are very good at is creating timeless designs, whether it’s with their architecture, fashion or furniture. It also extends to their cars, with the latest Fiat 500 owing much of its appeal to its cute, retro styling. However, underneath it’s thoroughly modern, because it’s fully electric.”

The Fiat 500C was judged with a series of its competitors, such as the Smart Fortwo EQ, and was found to have a longer range and more practicality on the road. Meanwhile, the petrol-powered Mini Convertible was found to be unable to match the 500’s refinement, comfort and manoeuvrability.

Clay Roper, Group Sales Manager, for FG Barnes and Bishops commented on Fiat’s win “The new Fiat 500 electric versions are packed with the best technology and design I’ve seen on a Fiat so far, and for it to take home a win in the What Car? Awards 2022 does not come as a surprise! This small but savvy vehicle is definitely one to keep an eye on in the next few years as I would suspect it will be taking home the crown in other categories in the future.”.

The interior of the new 500C model is wider, longer and a whole lot more comfortable than ever before. All details are inspired by natural materials and designed to amplify the spaciousness of the car.

Crafted for the city. The range on the new Fiat 500C will give you enough energy to commute into the city, going to work, to the gym and back home thanks to a range of up to 199 miles range.

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