Santander Finance

Available now at FG Barnes Group

Have you found the car of your dreams, but need the finance to pay for it? Then Santander is here to help - aiding you in choosing the best type of finance for you and your family. With a range of different finance options available, choose a type of finance that is specially tailored to you.

Panic at the mention of finance? Don't worry, whether you're a private customer or a business customer we will sort out all the paperwork on your behalf - for a nice hassle free sale. With a large range of competitive services and products, choose a finance deal that meets your needs - with more than half a million satisfied customers, you can rely on us.

To simplify the whole process, you car dealership is here to help you choose the right option. With such an array to choose from, please feel free to discuss your options at any length. Once you feel comfortable with the decision that you have made, then on your behalf the dealership will be more than happy to apply for the finance from Santander, making the whole decision much easier and stress free.

Go on, enjoy that new car smell!

For more information regarding the types of loans available please visit this user friendly financial guide or feel free to visit the Santander Finance website with any questions.

Or, if you haven't the time, or don't fancy reading large pieces of text - then check out these great Santander Finance videos below! Finance made simple.