New Jeep Compass available from Bishops Jeep in Guildford, Surrey
Jeep Compass Introducing the Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass

Available from £30,705 at Bishops Jeep in Guildford, Surrey

Discover the new Jeep Compass with new and improved sophisticated interior, functional storage and cutting edge technology.

The evolved design of the Jeep Compass gives a contemporary feel to authentic Jeep brand style whilst the iconic seven slot grille blends together Jeep’s past and future.

Available in a range of colours, either duotone or monotone, including Alpine White, Glacier, Grafite Grey, Blue Shade, Colorado Red, Solid Black, so you can customise your Jeep 4xe Plug-in Hybrid to suit your personality best.


The new Jeep Compass has overhauled the interior to deliver a modern and sophisticated design inside the cabin, bringing you more space and versatility than ever before. For the first time on a Jeep, the intelligent Uconnect infotainment system emerges from the dashboard, and then screen has increased to 10.1”.

The innovative operating system is up to 5 times faster and easier to navigate, and allows you to customise the interface, access your favourite apps, and create up to 6 driving profiles. As well as this, the Compass is also equipped with the new instrument panel with 10.25” full HD digital display and expansive active area of 244mm x 91 mm for all the driving data you may need when out on the road.

The storage capacity has more than doubled and provides ample space and functional storage, perfect for everyday life. In addition, premium materials and finishes on the dash and seats define its authentic style and elevated comfort.

With better control and ergonomics, the steering wheel of the new Jeep Compass guarantees maximum control whilst the heated functionality keeps you warm on those cold winter mornings.

The new dashboard of the Jeep Compass stands out for its individual contours and quality materials. The air vents have a new design, while Tecno Vinyl, standard starting from the Limited version, is the perfect synthesis between elegance and personality.


The Jeep Compass has evolved, but remains true to its unmistakable style. The new range features a front with unprecedented lines, new headlights and boldly designed rims.

This updated model is more elegant and ambitious, with the completely redesigned grille and rear, punctuated by clean modern lines.

What is a Jeep model without the legendary seven-slot front grille?! The front grille showcases exclusive black details, which epitomise the innovative and modern attitude of the new Compass.

There are a wide range of alloy wheels to choose from depending on your preference and needs, all of which are accommodating for all leases of life and adventure.


A new generation of performance.

The new Jeep Compass offers an efficient petrol engine that is front wheel drive and with manual transmission, or a 4xe Plug-in Hybrid version offering 4x4 capability and automatic transmission.

1.3 Petrol 130 HP Manual:

This turbocharged, direct injection 4-cylinder petrol engine combines up to 270 Nm of torque with a maximum power of 130 hp and a manual transmission.

Hp: 130

Torque: 270 Nm

CO₂ emissions: 153 - 164 g / km WLTP

New Jeep Compass available from Bishops Jeep in Guildford, Surrey
New Jeep Compass available from Bishops Jeep in Guildford, Surrey
New Jeep Compass available from Bishops Jeep in Guildford, Surrey