New Jeep 4X4e | FG Barnes Bishops Jeep | Guildford in Surrey
Jeep 4X4e
New Jeep 4X4e Introducing the New Jeep 4X4e
New Jeep 4X4e

The all new Jeep 4X4 e coming soon

At FG Barnes Bishops Jeep in Guildford, Surrey

More information will be available shortly.

More Jeep than ever before

Jeep never stands still. It's not in its DNA. Constantly, Jeep try to find ways to add more freedom, capability, fun and efficiency to what is on offer. That's what has made Jeep one of the strong SUV brands in the world. Now, Jeep is ready to break down another barrier with the all new Jeep Plug in Hybrid vehicles. Now, more than ever before, you're truly free to go wherever you want.

City life can be frantic. That's why the new range of Jeep Plug in Hybrids is designed for the urban adventurer who, like Jeep, desires more freedom. If you're looking to get away from it all, these authentic, all terrain vehicles are at the ready. From mastering trails to your everyday mobility needs, Jeep Plug in Hybrid vehicles use the most innovative technology to create the ultimate journey.

The Jeep Plug in Hybrid models feature state of the art technology, like improved acceleration and response to deliver an even more electrifying performance. Are you ready to experience an even better off road performance?

Achieving the ultimate result is a balancing act. The Jeep Plug in Hybrid models know this better than anyone. They masterfully balance using combustion and electrical power to achieve the ultimate performance. Not only does this balancing act decrease emission levels, it also generates more torque control and improves the crawl ratio.