FG Barnes MG Maidstone Wins Gold Award for the Aftersales Department

The annual MG Dealer Awards 2019 took place on 9th January as part of the company’s national conference, which celebrated outstanding achievement from across networks and dealerships.

Our FG Barnes MG branch at Maidstone secured a Gold Award win for Aftersales thanks to the fantastic hard work from the Aftersales Department over the past 5 years. The team have been able to consistently score high levels of service and satisfaction from customers, which has paid off considerably for the business.

Bala Waran, Operations Director for FG Barnes, said “It’s great to see the work the staff are doing has been identified and recognised for its success. Our dedicated Aftersales team have played an instrumental role in this achievement and we as a business can’t thank them enough for the passion and commitment they bring for the MG brand.”

The plaque for the award was presented by Ryan Giggs as MG now sponsor the Welsh Football Association, and is pictured below handing over the plaque to Bala and Maidstone’s Dealer Principal, Clay Roper.