Baffled By European Road Signs? | FG Barnes

Baffled By European Road Signs?

Many motorists are left baffled when driving around continental Europe, with 80% struggling to correctly identify foreign road signs. The vast majority (89%) of the 2,000 motorists who took part in a survey commissioned by EasyJet and Europcar admitted to having little to no understanding of foreign regulations and road signs, and 87% said they did not bother to research a country's Highway Code before driving on its roads.

Driving on the right (59%), identifying foreign traffic signs (44%) and understanding foreign rules and regulations (51%) appear to be the biggest challenges, while not knowing the difference between kilometers and miles per hour has stress out 25% of Brits driving abroad.

The research also revealed that Italian road signs cause the most confusion, according to 78% of British motorists, followed by Portugal (69%) and France (68%). It highlighted some obscure and quirky road laws too:

  1. Filling your tank while your radio is still on in Spain could lead to a 91 Euros fine (51%).
  2. Legally, you cannot wash your car on a Sunday in Switzerland (43%).
  3. In Romania, you'll be fined if you're driving a dirty car (42%).
  4. In Germany, you can legally drive naked as your car is considered a private space (29%).
  5. In Denmark, you must check for sleeping children underneath your car before setting off (27%).

A lack of knowledge often discourages Brits from taking to the road. Nearly 72% of those surveyed admitted to feeling apprehensive when driving abroad, and over half said they had driven on the wrong side of the road. In addition, 80% believed they would be unlikely to pass a driving test in another country.

'Brits are in holiday mode once they've boarded a plane, but a car at their arrival destination gives them the freedom to enjoy and create their own holiday' Kim McDonnell, Head of Proposition at EasyJet, said. 'Our research shows that, while fearful of unknown European roads, Britons love the notion of road tripping across Europe because it offers flexibility and spontaneity'.