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DAF helps supermarket giant Albert Heijn to electrify transport operations

In 2014, Albert Heijn - with over 1,000 supermarkets in Holland, Belgium and Germany - signed up to the 'Green Deal for Zero Emission City Logistics'; an initiative that brings together shippers, carriers, technicians and authorities to jointly conduct research into how ti achieve maximum progress towards zero emission deliveries in urban areas by 2025. For Albert Heijn, DAF, Simon Loos, Peter Appeal Transport and TNO - Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - the trials now launched will provide insight into how the transition to zero emission deliveries could take shape.

The test project involves three battery powered electric trucks (DAF CF Electric) and two plug in hybrid trucks (DAF CF Hybrid), plus a quick charging infrastructure from VDL. The CF Electric has a fully electric range of some 100 kilometres. The CF Hybrid featuring E-Power Technology from VDL offers the best of both worlds: fully electric driving in urban areas (range: up to 50 kilometres) and efficient and clean driving in extra urban areas thanks to the latest diesel technology from DAF.

The partners intend to gather as much information as possible about the technical, operational, financial and organisational aspects involved in making zero emission deliveries to supermarkets. TNO will analyse the results of the trial with a view to establishing a strategy for implementing zero emission deliveries to supermarkets in the near future.

Testing with the fully electric CF Electric Trucks will initially be limited to journeys between the distribution center in Zaandam and the supermarkets in Amsterdam. With plug in hybrid trucks, Albert Heijn can also supply stores further away from Zaandam without any emissions. The truck batteries will be charged between journeys at a specially designed charging park at the Albert Heijn distribution centre in Zaandam.

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