FG Barnes Vauxhall launches Vauxhall's safety campaign in Maidstone and Guildford | FG Barnes | South East of England

FG Barnes Vauxhall launches Vauxhall's safety campaign in Maidstone and Guildford

With the UK bracing itself for freezing temperatures, wind and rain, FG Barnes Vauxhall is launching Vauxhall's 'Check and Treat' campaign, encouraging drivers in Maidstone and Guildford to get essential safety checks done on their cars to protect themselves and other road users.

At this time of year, speculation is rife as to what kind of winter is on the cards, but now that the darker nights are here, car owners should be prepared for anything. Completing essential checks at FG Barnes Vauxhall can make a real difference to being able to cope with what is widely predicted to be a tough winter.

What's more, when Vauxhall drivers book their cars in for a £25 check, FG Barnes Vauxhall will also offer motorists a choice of a free gift - six movie rentals on Rakuten TV, £20 Dominos Pizza e-code, £20 M&S Dine In e-gift card or a Vauxhall Touring Kit worth £35.

Stewart Cox, Head of Business at FG Barnes Vauxhall Guildford, said: "Winter can often be a notorious time for motorists. The season is without doubt the most challenging and testing time of the whole year for cars and their owners.

"Cold weather can appear suddenly out of nowhere, pushing cars and drivers to their very limits. Not only does it make driving difficult and potentially dangerous, it also puts a massive strain on every working part of the vehicle itself.

"That is why getting your car checked in good time, before the weather takes a turn for the worst, is so important. Being properly prepared will not only save you money, it can also save your the aggravation and nuisance of having to take time off work or time out of your days to sort out a problem that could have easily been avoided.

"Thanks to Vauxhall's Check & Treat offer, motorists in Maidstone and Guildford can ensure their car is kept well-maintained, and, above all else, get that peace of mind that's so important over the winter months. And with the added free gift, there's no better time to get your car checked."

Vauxhall-trained technicians go through a 25-point checklist that considers everything from lights and electricals to brakes, clutches, tyres, mirrors, batteries and seat belts.