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Infiniti Formula One Update

Renault Sport Formula One present their 2018 challenger - The RS18

The Renault R.S.18 is Renault Sport Formula One Team's third chassis since its return to Formula 1 as a full works' entry in 2016. The car is a progression and refinement of the concepts developed during the 2017 season; it includes an improved suspension concept and greater aerodynamic downforce. Noticeably, the R.S.18 also features the mandatory new for 2018 cockpit protection known as the 'halo' and a re profiled engine cover to comply with the 2018 technical regulations.+

The Energy Recovery System underpinning the 1.6 liter turbocharged V6 Renault R.E.18 power unit is developed by Infiniti in conjunction with Renault Sport Racing. The power unit has realised a very strong programme on the dyno in Viry-Chatillon to maximise performance and improve reliability, in preparation for the allowance reduction to just three internal combustion engines (ICE) and two MGU-K and energy stores per season.

Infiniti are currently preparing to launch the global recruitment for the 2018 Infiniti Engineering Academy, a once in a lifetime opportunity aimed at highly driven students looking to venture into the vehicle engineering industry, where they will brush shoulders with some of the most experienced engineers within automotive and Formula 1.

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