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How a retired DAF LF Truck became a dream home

At DAF Trucks we pride ourselves in creating comfortable, spacious trucks for our drivers. Iona Stewart and Martin Hill have taken this idea to new heights by converting a 2009 DAF LF from a retired Hovis delivery truck into their very own dream home, which they can drive anywhere in the world.

Iona and Martin picked up the LF Euro 4 on eBay for £3,600, after it had been leased by Ryder to Hovis Bread just under a decade ago. With 350,000 miles on the clock the couple are only the second owners on the logbook. Pleased with their purchase the pair set to work on transforming the LF into their perfect portable home, spending just £16,000 and doing most of the manual labour themselves.

The pair met during a ski season in the French Alps. After deciding house prices in Nottingham weren't cutting it for them, and both realising they're keen travellers, they knew they needed a home that could take them around the world. After careful consideration the couple made the excellent choice of a DAF LF, with its maneuverability to get them around those old Mediterranean streets, as well as its reliability; they will never find themselves stuck on a mountain top.

Before the couple left for France the truck went for a class 4 MOT and passed with no issues or advisories whatsoever. We reached out to Martin and he told us he is very happy with their purchase and that it is a great truck to drive as it is highly maneuverable and has a smooth auto box. This isn't Martin's fist experience driving a truck, he has had his C+E license for a number of years and has previous experience with agency driving where he would drive minibuses. It will be interesting to hear how he gets on with his new truck and where the couple end up.

Due to their reliability and the strength of our dealer network, DAF trucks are often the go to choice for operators searching for a used vehicle. DAF First Choice trucks are specially selected vehicles to give used buyers a top class vehicle at a good price. Clearly not all trucks are being used for business however, as a growing number of people are looking for a more creative approach to accommodation. Could we see more people be inspired to follow in the footsteps of Iona and Martin?

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