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Motorists Under Estimate Electric Vehicle Benefits

New research from Go Ultra Low has revealed a huge amount of misunderstanding when it comes to electric cars, with many unaware of the benefits around performance, charging and cost.

One of the biggest areas of confusion is whether you can put an electric car through a car wash. It's not a problem to do this, but 42% of those who took part in the survey admitted they weren't sure if it was safe for pure electric car owners.

Underestimating the performance was also commonplace. Nearly half thought a petrol or diesel car accelerates quicker than a pure electric, even though, in many cases, the opposite is true.

Cost was another big area where people were also undervaluing the potential of electric vehicles, one in four thought that, over the lifetime of the car, maintenance costs would be higher for pure electric cars than for petrol or diesel, when in fact a pure electric car cost around 70% less.

Many motorists also appear to believe it's significantly more expensive to charge one than it actually is. On average, people thought it costs £21.54 to fully charge a pure electric car, even though charging at home could cost as little as £3.64.

Most also underestimated the number of models available for purchase - the average estimate was just nine models, nearly half the correct figure of 17 - and 42% thought there were fewer than 15,000 pure electric cars on the roads when in fact there were nearly 40,000.

Many people also didn't realise how many charge points there are throughout the UK either. On average, they thought there was only 6,000 charge point connectors, when actually there are around 17,000. And there was confusion about the different methods for charging a pure electric car - over a quarter didn't realise you can charge an electric car through a charge point installed at home.

'The research shows there is much confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to pure electric cars' Poppy Welch, the Head of Go UItra Low, said. 'Over half of those surveyed don't feel confident describing a pure electric car to another person and many aren't aware of the many benefits electric cars can bring. Pure electric car drivers can benefit from lower running costs, convenient charging and high performance driving, all while producing no tailpipes emissions and helping to improve local air quality. Dispelling these misconceptions and highlighting these perks is vital if we are to see more motorists make the switch to electric motoring'.