New Maidstone MG & Subaru Showroom is now open | Maidstone Kent | FG Barnes

New Maidstone MG & Subaru Showroom Opening

The new Maidstone MG & Maidstone Subaru site has now opened. This is a new £1 million showroom, which will be home to Maidstone MG and Maidstone Subaru, whilst the other showroom on the Maidstone site, will be home to Maidstone Infiniti and SEAT Maidstone. The building work started in February and was completed in May 2017.

Clay Roper, the Head of Business for Maidstone MG & Subaru has said the following about the new showroom launch, "We believe the key to running a successful car dealership is simple – a great product supported by excellent customer service. This simple mix has helped to grow our business significantly over the past three years, culminating in the opening of a new showroom later this month".

The SEAT showroom is currently under renovation, so for the short-term, the SEAT Maidstone franchise will also be based in the new MG and Subaru showroom. The work on the SEAT showroom is due to be completed by the end of June 2017.