The Explorers Club Goes Fossil Hunting In The Gobi Desert | FG Barnes

The Explorers Club Goes Fossil Hunting In The Gobi Desert

What was once a bountiful habitat for prehistoric giants is now one of the most hostile environments on the plant. The Gobi Desert is unforgiving, but one team of experts took on the challenge with Infiniti by their side.

Made up of two paleontologists, geologists and archaeologists, a team of 35 set off in search of fossils that would prove dinosaurs roamed this area millions of years ago.

With the help of Infiniti's all wheel drive technology, the team effortlessly took on over 1,000 miles of harsh Mongolian desert terrain with power and confidence. This combined with the latest satellite and drone technology led the team to unearth a wealth of ancient secrets.

The expedition discovered five new fossil sites, potential evidence of three new dinosaur species and 250 new fossil locations, including those of a velociraptor ancestor. With such ground breaking finds, the team celebrated a huge success that will rewrite the rules of modern paleontology.

Retracing Roy Chapman Andrews' historic quest for dinosaur fossils in the Gobi Desert, we boldly returned 100 years later in search of new unique treasures. Just like Andrews, we used the latest technology at our disposal to reveal ancient secrets buried beneath the dirt.

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