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The Infiniti ultimate test drive

With top speeds of well over 200mph, any racing fan knows that Formula One cars are thrillingly fast.

But, as the winner of our Ultimate Test Drive competition recently found out, nothing can prepare you for the mind blowing, adrenaline fuelled experience of actually getting behind the wheel of an F1 car.

As the official technical partner to the Renault Sport Formula One Team, working to develop the pioneering Energy Recovery System (ERS), Infiniti enjoy a close relationship with F1. This allows us to bring this extraordinary experience to our lucky winner, Guy Nelson.

The briefing

On the 3rd September 2018, Guy was collected from Marseille airport and driven in an Infiniti Q50 to the luxurious Hotel and Spa Du Castellet. There he was briefed by the Renault Sport Formula One team, as well as Formula Two track legend Jack Aitken, and readied for his once in a lifetime drive.

The big day

Rising at 6am, the Infiniti convoy headed to the renowned Paul Ricard circuit. On arrival, Guy was fitted with a fire proof suit and helmet, before receiving a safety briefing and a highly technical virtual run through of the track.

With nerves beginning to show, Guy was then sent to the physio room where he completed exercises designed to focus his concentration and boost his reaction speeds.

After an initial practice lap in a Formula 4 car, Guy was ready for the big moment: three laps, unassisted, in a Renault Sport Formula One Team car. Later, at the champagne reception, he told us it was one of the best experiences of his entire life.

The Infiniti Q50 road trip

To complete an incredible stay in Marseille, we took Guy on a road trip along the breathtaking Cote d'Azur in the award wining Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, a model built for adventure. The journey ended at the Michelin starred L' Epuisette, where we toasted the once in a lifetime experience over a seafood lunch.

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