Electric Range

Available at FG Barnes Nissan

Making the switch to an electric vehicle doesn’t have to be a big step. With a range of electrification options, there’s a Nissan that is perfect for you.

We have two options available across our range, which are Mild Hybrid Power and 100% Electric Power. You can find out more about these below!

Mild Hybrid POWER

A Mild Hybrid vehicle is the easiest way to switch to electric. A petrol engine powers the wheels while an electric battery provides support during acceleration, up hills and while cruising. The only change you will notice to a fully petrol/diesel vehicle is that the improved fuel efficiency and an all-round more comfortable drive, particularly in stop-start traffic.

Stop-start technology increases efficiency when on the road by shutting the engine off when the car is coasting, or when lifting the foot off the pedal at speeds under 11mph on automatic transmission. This reduces tailpipe emissions and running costs of everyday driving.

100% Electric POWER

Powered by an electric motor and battery pack, you’ll never need to visit the petrol station again. Electric power is clean, silent and more efficient; however you do need to be able to charge the vehicle. This means that you may need to plan ahead for long journeys, and installing a charging point at your home.

100% Electric Power vehicles are cheaper to run, more environmentally friendly, and provide an instant response. Nissan have long understood the advantages of a battery-run vehicle, and the electric range offers improved driving range and performance to ensure your drive is as efficient as possible. 

Our electrified options at a glance

Mild Hybrid POWER100% Electric POWER
How it worksA petrol engine is supported by a battery during acceleration and cruising Entirely powered by an electric motor using a battery
What powers the wheels?Petrol engine Electric motor
How is the battery charged?Charges while driving through regenerative braking Must be plugged in to charge
Does it need petrol? Yes No
What is the driving experience?Torque assist with responsive acceleration Instant torque and a silent drive
CO2 emissionsReduced tailpipe emissions Zero tailpipe emissions

Experience the electrified thrill

All-New Nissan Qashqai

The ultimate crossover.

Updated and refreshed for 2021, the Nissan Qashqai has remained a fan favourite due to its advanced technology, dynamic performance typical of a hatchback, and practical with desirable SUV-styling.

Electrified with mild hybrid power, this model will provide you with practicality and cutting-edge design that you could expect from Nissan, now with efficiency too.

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The electric family car.

Available with a choice of 40kWh or a powerful 62kWh battery, you’ll be amazed by the Nissan LEAF! With sleek aerodynamics and advanced technologies that give you a more relaxing drive on the road, the LEAF will enable you to discover an all-new way of driving.

The Nissan LEAF is equipped with the latest Intelligent Driving technologies including e-Pedal and ProPILOT systems, and energises you with the future of dynamic driving.

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The electric crossover.

The ARIYA crossover is the start of a new era of seamless, intuitive and adaptive experiences both on- and off-board. Through constant innovation, the Nissan ARIYA is challenging convention. It's more than just an electric car. It's a whole new way to drive.

With a line-up based on different combinations of battery, motor and driven wheels, there is a Nissan ARIYA tailored for every driver.

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