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Nissan 370Z Introducing the Nissan 370Z
Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z from £30,035

Available from FG Barnes Nissan in Guildford Surrey

This model has been a dominant force in sports coupes for more than four decades. The latest Nissan 370Z coupe traces its roots to the legendary 240Z that took the world by storm with its exceptional looks and powerful performance. Fast forward to today, you’ll find the same basic formula defining the ‘Z’ model has stayed the same.

This model is available in various colours, including Storm White, Vibrant Red, Ebisu Black, Daytona Blue, Infra Red, Universal Silver, Gun Metallic, and Premium Yellow. You can be sure to pick a colour that suits you, your needs and personality the best.


Man and machine as one – that’s the feeling when you enter the 370Z’s driver-focused cockpit.

Inside the cabin you’ll be comforted by the race-inspired Recaro sports seats, which feature g-force-holding side bolsters in rich leather, with contrasting red Alcantara inserts. Grasp the sports feel with both hands, with thanks to a leather and Alcantara steering wheel and its distinctive NISMO red centre marker.

The seats inside of the Nissan 370Z have cutaways in the backrest to let your arms move freely when steering and shifting, and in the cushion to let you work the pedals easily. Along with deep side bolsters, there’s an anti-slip centre section to hold you in place.

The cockpit incorporates a three-tier design with each layer having its own function. The ‘information’ layer provides clear visibility of all the instruments, with the main dials moving up and down on the adjustable steering wheel. The ‘operation’ layer includes a three-spoke leather steering wheel, paddle shifters and switchgear. The ‘holding’ layer includes sports seats, knee pads and door-trim supports which assist you in staying firmly in place throughout your journey so you can enjoy the 370Z’s performance to the fullest.

Nissan 370Z has an integrated navigation system to keep you one step ahead. With 9.3GB of hard-drive music storage, a 7” touchscreen and voice recognition, it brings you high-definition 3D maps of 20 European cities and traffic updates in real time.


The wheelbase is short for a quick response, the wide track brings stability and the low centre of gravity helps you connect to the road at all times throughout your drive.

The 370Z sports car has wheel and tyres to match its performance. Special NISMO 19” super-lightweight aluminium wheels by RAYS are wrapped in the latest Bridgestone Potenza S001 tyres – with an extra inch of width at the rear to help put down all that power and get the most from your next track day.

A sculpted shape that’s lower, wider and more stylish than ever, the Nissan 370Z sports car is a stunningly contemporary take on the legendary long-bonnet ‘Z’ look.

Designed to accentuate the Nissan’s ‘Z’ distinctive shape, the bi-xenon automatic headlights in a boomerang shape project an aggressive look on the road that’s sure to get you noticed. LED Daytime running lights visually integrate the front bumper with the vertical door handles, and complimenting the front headlights are LED rear lights that are sculpted with the same bold shape.


The 370Z is powered by the 4th generation VQ V6 egine. With 3.7 litre displacement for massive muscle, this 328ps dynamo features advanced Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) technology that continuously works to tune valve lift and timing for quicker response and a broader torque curve. All of this is done whilst optimising fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

The 370Z couple offers unbeatable performance with deep reserves of low-down power and, on the track, non-stop exhilaration right up to the 7,500 rpm redline. Use of strong yet lightweight aluminium suspension components reduces unsprung weight and makes the handling of the Nissan 370Z more responsive.