Nissan Juke Hybrid Introducing the Nissan Juke Hybrid

Nissan Juke Hybrid

Available from £28,210 from FG Barnes Nissan in Guildford

Bold in its design with a unique Hybrid powertrain, get ready to experience a thrilling electrified drive with the Nissan Juke Hybrid.

The electrified technology enhances the original DNA of the iconic Nissan Juke, and has been inspired by Nissan’s experience in Formula E. The innovative and smart clutchless gearbox seamlessly switches between driving modes to match driving conditions.

You’ll get a more responsive, quiet and powerful drive as well as improved efficiency with the Nissan Juke Hybrid. This model uses advanced technology which combines an electric power motor with a petrol engine so your ride is more responsive than ever before.

The Nissan Juke Hybrid can reach a maximum speed of up to 34mph in EV mode. Combined output of the Electric Motor and Petrol Engine is 143PS, providing smooth acceleration. The smart energy management system will use the high efficiency petrol engine to recharge the battery or to provide power to the wheels exclusively when it’s most efficient and best suited to your driving conditions.

Maximum responsiveness

Make sure your commute is the best part of your day with the Nissan Juke Hybrid. With maximum power for all your urban drives and 143PS under the bonnet coupled with a smart multi-mode gearbox, you experience instant torque and quietness. Enjoy this fun-to-drive thrill with Nissan Juke.

e-Pedal step

The e-Pedal Step is unique to Nissan and gives you the option to accelerate and decelerate effectively with just the accelerator pedal at speeds above 10km/h - leaving the brake pedal for harder braking and coming to a complete stop.

Electric drive mode for city driving

With up to 80% of your urban journey time driving in electric drive mode but without the need to charge and 100% electric start up, you get maximum efficiency and responsiveness.

High on thrills. Low on fuel consumption

With this unique hybrid combination of electric driving in the city, regenerative braking feeds power back to the battery while the petrol engine only steps in if you need it. Your trips are efficient with up to 19% lower consumption compared to a Juke automatic petrol engine.