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SEAT Arona Introducing the SEAT Arona
SEAT Arona

SEAT Arona from £18,330

Available at FG Barnes SEAT in Maidstone and Canterbury, Kent

"The steering feels light and it mirrors your inputs faithfully, the chassis and tyres engender heaps of grip, and the ride is very good: taut enough so the body feels in control, supple enough to deliver the necessary comfort, refined enough to insulate from bumps." - Car Magazine Editor In Chief Phil McNamara

The SEAT Arona is the city crossover built for the fearless. Smart. Powerful. Dynamic. So you can get out there and do your thing, whatever that might be.

Fresh, modern, good looks and aerodynamic performance. The SEAT Arona has it all, with ultra defined blisters and dynamic lines. Compact. Fearless. Designed to be free. City car agility meets SUV style and substance. Tech that puts your world at your fingertips. More space to play with. This is a new vision. As independent as you are.

Want more? Get more

The SEAT Arona lets you pick what's right for you. Orange on grey? Done. Black on red? Naturally. Whatever you choose, the SEAT Arona lets you express yourself, your way. Do your thing with the SEAT Arona in three simple steps. Simply: Pick your favourite trim, choose the engine that suits you, and then personalise your Arona with your favourite colour and contrasting roof.

Stand out, for all the right seasons. The SEAT Arona commands the road with its hot stamped, chrome detailed front grille and higher driving position. From here, it's easy to plan the next move. With the Rear view camera and Park Assist, make urban driving a breeze and parking easy, even in a tight spot. Do your thing, with confidence.

From the 18" alloy wheels to its blistering lines, the SEAT Arona says it all, without saying a world. Because style isn't just about looking good, it's about making it look easy. The SEAT Arona also features an X detail in the C pillar, which stands for crossover. Push the boundaries, blue the lines and show the world you've got style, with class.

Brighter than the rest. The SEAT Arona is equipped with the latest full LED headlights and rear LED headlights. So you've got the power, and the vision, to go the distance. The LED daytime running lights give the SEAT Arona a unique appearance whilst adding safety seamlessly to its urban design.

In your space, it's limitless

When you've got big plans, you need plenty of room. Stretch out. Enjoy a quality of finish that feels just right. And take command of your drive. It's all right where you want it. And with a boot space of a massive 400 litres, you've got all the room you need to do your thing.

The SEAT Arona's Wireless phone charger keeps you fully charged and ready to go. Full Link smartphone integration with Mirror Link, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, seamlessly integrates your smartphone with your media systems, keeping you connected to your digital world at the touch of a button, adding total connectivity and control.

The SEAT Arona is there for you, alerting you to anything in your blind spot that presents a hazard and rear cross traffic alert is there to make sure the coast is clear when reversing out of a parking space. Let them do their thing. You can do yours. We've made it really simple to pick the SEAT Arona that's right for you. There are seven individual trims, each with their own unique equipment and appeal.