Auto Express awards SEAT Tarraco Large SUV of the Year 2019 Award

Positively reviewed and awarded 2019 Auto Express Large SUV of the Year, the SEAT Tarraco is taking the world by storm. Pushing rivals in its sector, SEAT have created a vivid impression on their customers with this model.

Competing with the Skoda Kodiaq (last year’s winner of Auto Express Large SUV of the Year), the Tarraco offers similarities at a competitive cost without compromising on style, speed or comfort.

Boasting high-quality, upmarket interior which is also incredibly practical, the cabin hosts seats for up to 7 people. The model is designed to create ease for its’ owner, with an excellent sound system, phone connectivity, and the ability to make a call automatically and/or manually to the emergency services – should something go wrong.

The steering is precise and light, and the manual gear change is perfect for ensuring the engine and car drives exactly to what you desire. SEAT also offer this model in an automatic, should you prefer, taking out the work of changing gears, providing smooth shifts and making slow traffic all the more bearable.

The exterior? Slick, stylish and sporty. The SEAT Tarraco is available in various colours depending on what you prefer, and is home to 20" supreme alloy wheels, helping to ride smoothly over rough roads and give control around corners.

Finally, the engine size of this large SUV sits at 2.0 giving you the choice to opt for either the economic Diesel or a more refined Petrol version depending on your needs. Both options offer a solid on-road performance and good economy to keep running costs at a respectable level.

What does Auto Express say?

“The high torque output of a 2.0-litre diesel makes a lot of sense in this large SUV, so we reckon the 148bhp 2.0 TDI is the best pick. Go for a manual – it’s slick and easy to use – to save some cash, while SE Technology trim is great value. It might not have all the toys of high-spec cars, but it has everything you need at the right price.”

If you want to find out more about the SEAT Tarraco, or want to welcome it as your new car, enquire now or visit our FG Barnes SEAT showrooms at both Maidstone and Canterbury.