SEAT MOT for £49

Available at FG Barnes SEAT

It's a legal requirement for any vehicle over 3 years old to have an annual MOT. At FG Barnes SEAT, we can offer this for just £49.

So what does an MOT cover? It covers the following:

Vehicle body and structure
Fuel system
Exhaust System & Emissions
Seats & belts
Doors & mirrors
Load security
Tyres & wheels
Registration plates
Bonnet catch
Wipers & washers
VIN or chassis number

If your vehicle fails on any of the above, one of our Service Advisors will contact you to discuss getting the repairs required, using SEAT approved parts. We will try our best to get you back on the road on the same day. For any remedial work required, if your car is to fail, you will only have to pay 70% of the charge for the work.

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