Servicing and Maintenance at FG Barnes

At FG Barnes Group, we supply customers with a diverse range of servicing, from routine oil and fluid checks, to air conditioning de-bugs, winter tyre checks, and more. All of our servicing is available at affordable prices, with a range of special offers available. Simply call to request a quote, or visit one of our showrooms directly.

As well as engine checks, we also offer air conditioning servicing at affordable prices. Did you know that air conditioning systems can harbour bacteria which can cause the efficiency of the system to deteriorate over time? Regular air conditioning system checks are essential to maintain effective operation. Over time, mould and fungi build up which can cause unpleasant odours. Our de-bug process cleanses the whole system to improve air quality and provide a healthier environment for your car.

We also offer Bronze, Silver or Gold service packages to our customers. This unique offer gives you an extensive and flexible range of services for vehicles over three years old.

  • For a Bronze service, costing just £49, we’ll give your car an extensive service, including, but not limited to, multi-point inspections for body damage, leaks, windscreen damage, and any faults in air conditioning, tyre wear and depth.
  • For the Silver service, which costs £159, motorists can enjoy all the advantages of a Bronze service, with the addition of an air conditioning sanitising service, a replacement air filter, as well as a clutch, oil and filter check.
  • Opt for the Gold service, costing just £249 and you’ll get our full range of services, as well as replacement spark plugs, and an air conditioning re-gas.

Another of our services is carrying out winter care checks to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for harsh winter driving conditions. Again, simply call your nearest showroom to learn more about our offers on winter car care and servicing.

To learn more about the deals and savings currently available, contact your nearest showroom today.

Please note: to confirm your booking date and time, our Service Department will contact you in due course. As a reminder, on occasion your date or time selected for the booking for your service may not be available, in which case a member of our Servicing Department will contact you to rearrange.