Car Finance at Maidstone SsangYong

Here at Maidstone SsangYong, we are licensed credit brokers. This means we are able to provide you with instant quotes and competitive finance for your vehicle purchase.

There are a number of ways of financing your vehicle purchase, and we can take you through the process step by step to outline a plan which will be perfect for YOU.


This is the simplest way to buy a car with finance. You pay a deposit, make regular monthly payments for a fixed period, and at the end of the period, the car is yours. So what are the benefits of this type of scheme?

  • Fixed repayments - at the beginning of the agreement, both the amount you will pay every month, and the repayment period, is fixed and will not change.
  • Fixed interest - even if other interest rates go up, the interest rate on your finance repayments will not be affected.
  • Flexible payment terms - Choose the length of the repayment period to suit your budget. Within the usual repayment period or 12-48 months, it's entirely up to you.
  • Initial outlay - you can choose to pay from as little as 10% of the amount to be financed at your initial deposit.