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Subaru Hybrid e-Boxer Range Coming Soon

To FG Barnes Subaru Maidstone, Kent

  • Subaru e-Boxer XV from £28,995
  • Subaru e-Boxer Forester from £33,995

Set to hit our showrooms later this year, the Subaru XV and Forester models will be available as part of a new e-Boxer self-charging hybrid range of vehicles.

You will be able to expect the same “go-anywhere” capability that Subaru always delivers, along with the same great handling, and the same durable reliability. These vehicles will also hold the latest advanced driver assistance systems and safety technologies to ensure you’re kept safe throughout your entire journey.

What makes these models different?

The e-Boxer vehicles are fully self-charging hybrids, with added electric motor assistance, and additional battery-sourced power. These collectively work to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, and minimises fuel consumption without the need to plug in and recharge!

A cleaner, more fuel efficient way of driving, the e-Boxer self charging SUV range offers more responsive acceleration and terrain-gripping torque than before. Equipped with a smooth and refined design, reduced vehicle noise and vibration, it adds up to create the best ride quality Subaru has ever seen.

The battery-powered electric motor helps to assist the efficient new petrol engine. When cruising, the e-Boxer petrol engine will drive the car, but will also recharge the battery. When accelerating, the engine and motor will work together to provide power for the vehicle, and the electric power assistance, Motor Assist, is completely automatic, working seamlessly with the e-Boxer engine to give a cleaner, more rewarding drive.

When braking or slowing the vehicle down, power that is normally lost will be recovered to top-up the engine again, giving it extra charge.

The Subaru XV e-Boxer will join the current XV range, and the new Forester e-Boxer will be a brand new model. Both models will hold the very latest advances and technologies one can always expect from Subaru.

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Subaru XV e-Boxer coming soon to FG Barnes Subaru