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BRZ Coupe Introducing the BRZ Coupe

Subaru BRZ Coupe

Available at Subaru Maidstone

"good looking, brilliant fun to drive and surprisingly economical" - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"There’s a good range of seat adjustment to help you find a comfortable driving position" - The Telegraph Editor Steve Huntingford

The Telegraph Review

"The boxer engine is compact, light, and most importantly the horizontally opposed cylinders guarantee a very low centre of gravity for the 2.0-litre engine" - Car Magazine Contributor Ben Pulman

Car Magazine Review

"Even the steering, despite being electrically assisted, is impressive: the springy weighting is lovely and it delivers real sensations back to your hands. It’s simply great fun, easily better to drive than a VW Scirocco." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

You know what you want to feel the instant you sit in. You know the thrill of having a deeper connection to your car in every twist or turn. Subaru knows, too. We’ve taken the poise and power of the Subaru Boxer engine and engineered a pure sports car with the handling and response to deliver that thrill the first time you lay eyes on it and every day after.

The foundation of the astonishing handling characteristics of the Subaru BRZ comes from its rigid chassis. The intelligent design allows the engine to sit lower – and thanks to its lightweight and balanced chassis, this creates a lower centre of gravity that further promotes excellent manoeuvrability and stability for a driving experience that is truly personal. Subaru challenged themselves to give the BRZ as low a centre of gravity as possible, because that means the most exciting handling possible. Every element of the car, from the flat, horizontally-opposed engine design to the roofline to the seat positioning, helps give the Subaru BRZ one of the lowest centres of gravity of any mainstream vehicle available.

The sculpted proportions of the Subaru BRZ not only draw attention but are also designed to harness the wind. Around every corner, its slippery silhouette seems to glide through the air as it conceals the combination of lightweight material used to form the BRZ. The subtle aerodynamic advantages, along with its overall weight further contribute to the nimble and direct handling response. With a press of the pedal, feel the focus that was put into the Subaru BRZ to bring out the most of every curve in the road. And to make that possible is the boxer engine. The horizontally-opposed pistons inherently combine balance with power and efficiency. Quickly reach the 7,400 rpm redline and instantly experience a drive that is both engaging and exhilarating.

The excitement of performance can sometimes overshadow the details of safety but we have given the Subaru BRZ an extensive protection system to show that your safety is always at the forefront of design. The capability of Vehicle Stability Control helps keep you on your path whilst safety continues to surround you and your passengers with the protection of airbags and ring-shaped reinforced framing. All to enhance every drive with confidence.

A 6-speed manual transmission helps you get fully engaged with driving, thanks to a short stroke and superb shift feel. The available 6-speed automatic features paddle shifters, downshift blipping control, and two distinct shift modes for performance that always suits your mood. Designed with the enthusiast in mind, the large, centrally located tach with digital speedometer gives you the vital information you need for performance driving.

The minute you sit in a BRZ, you’ll feel it. Every performance enthusiast will intuitively understand the way the interior is focused on ultimate driver connection and control. And whilst the deep bolsters and Alcantara inserts give you excellent support during high-performance driving, the folding rear seats allow you to carry more to do more. Available with premium leather trim and grippy Alcantara inserts, performance-design front seats help you keep your position whilst cornering. They also feature a lowered seating position to bring the vehicle’s centre of gravity down even further. You wouldn’t expect this much utility from a pure sports car, but with the rear seats folded, there’s enough room for a set of racing tyres or two golf bags.

The BRZ is available in 6 different exterior colours; WR Blue Pearl, Ice Silver Metallic, Lightning Red, Dark Grey Metallic, Crystal White Pearl and Crystal Black Silica.