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Impreza Introducing the Impreza

​Subaru Impreza

Available from £26,665 at FG Barnes Subaru Maidstone

Refined. Resilient. Rewarding. The Impreza offers versatility and capability that impresses at every turn.

Presenting an optimum combination of protection, performance and reliability in an eye-catchingly compact hatchback, Impreza is passionately engineered – and precision-built.


The Subaru Impreza is a good-looking hatchback with lots of interior space to offer, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. Whether you want to work or play, the Impreza offers ample space onboard so you can take everything you’ll need for the things you love doing the most.

The quiet, roomy cabin holds sculpted surfaces and attention to detail throughout. You and your passengers can enjoy generous, supportive front and rear seating, and plenty of design and infotainment features, including an 8” touchscreen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity also comes as standard, so you can stay connected and entertained throughout your entire journey.

Whether you are one for a sporting event, or more of a family-trip kind of person, Impreza will transport you in refined comfort, and your equipment and any luggage with ease.


Built on the innovative Subaru Global Platform, Impreza benefits from several next-generation design and manufacturing features.

The chassis has been designed with higher rigidity, increased strength, lighter weight, better rolling resistance and responsive steering for an even better and safer driving experience.

Impreza’s Boxer engine has been designed to slide beneath the car in the event of an unavoidable collision, stopping the engine from entering the passenger compartment to protect occupants’ legs.

17” alloy wheels, automatic LED headlights and steering responsive headlights guide this model along the road safely and efficiently. UV protection glass features on the windscreen and the front and rear side windows, and privacy glass for rear doors, rear quarters and rear windows help keep your belongings a secret.

Engine and drive

Impreza is passionately engineered and precision-built. The result is a highly capable and rewarding hatchback that’s a sheer delight to drive.

Engineering and craftsmanship go hand-in-hand in the Impreza, working hard to deliver impressive capability that is able to offer you complete confidence and enhances the driving experience in all conditions.

Subaru features a permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive that is always at work, sending power to the wheels with the most traction to ensure optimum grip on all types of road surface. All-Wheel Drive combined with a 1.6-litre Boxer petrol engine, Impreza’s low centre of gravity and carefully balanced weight distribution helps give it exceptional handling in any weather.

CVT, otherwise known as Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission, moves between a span of gear ratios, providing smooth acceleration and lag-free performance whilst keeping the engine at its optimal rev range at all times.

Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) moves between a span of gear ratios, providing smooth acceleration and lag-free performance, while keeping the engine at its optimal rev range at all times.