All-new Vauxhall Astra available from FG Barnes Vauxhall in Maidstone and Guildford
All-new Vauxhall Astra Introducing the All-new Vauxhall Astra

All-New Vauxhall Astra available from £24,315

At FG Barnes Vauxhall Maidstone & Guildford

Reserve online for £100

Forget ordinary.

The all-new Astra is here and available to order from FG Barnes! With its sharp, distinctive look, muscular style and striking new Vauxhall Vizor design, it’s got serious attitude.

The new Astra pushes the boundaries. It dares to be different. It redefines the meaning of a compact hatchback and delivers everything you’d expect from your everyday car – and everything you didn’t.

Featuring a new bold and pure design philosophy in exciting hatchback form, it not only boasts everyday practicality, but a totally detoxed cabin environment. Ergonomically-designed comfort is surrounded by intuitive interior design, and is complete with a dynamic driving experience with the very latest in advanced technologies.

This model has colours available that will really show off your personality, including Electric Yellow, Crimson Red, Carbon Black, Arctic White, Cobalt Blue, Crystal Silver and Vulcan Grey. What your car says about you is your decision with the new Astra.

The all-new Vauxhall Astra is a real driver’s car, and it’s not hard to see why.

Astra HYBRID-e

The Astra HYBRID-e is home to a high-voltage 12.4kW capacity battery. Lightweight yet energy-dense, it drives the electric motor, and the battery supports the low centre of gravity for outstanding driving dynamics.

You’ll have the ability to travel up to 43 miles (WLTP –EAER) on a fully-charged battery, with performance without compromise. The responsive 1.6 Turbo petrol engine delivers 180PS, working in harmony with an 81kW electric motor.

Range, power, efficiency and instant acceleration. The all-new Astra HYBRID-e gives you everything you need, including plug-in HYBRID technology to maximise power and performance. The smooth Efficient Automatic Transmission 8-speed (EAT8) delivers 320Nm of chunky torque.

The all-new Astra HYBRID uses the iBooster energy-recovering system. It recaptures power normally lost while braking and decelerating. Not only does this system use the energy generated when you brake, but it also kicks in when the Astra HYBRID-e is coasting for an even smarter drive.

The new Astra HYBRID-e’s Vehicle Data Monitoring systems keeps you in the know and in command. Providing an intuitive overview of driving conditions and energy consumption, all streamed to the Pure Panel display cluster in a stylishly simple, digitally-detoxed flow.

*Astra HYBRID-e versions start from £32,700


Enter the cabin and you’ll be greeted with a lower, sportier driving position within ergonomic active seats specifically designed to support a healthy posture. The seats can be heated along with the steering wheel and windscreen, while the perforated leather front seats are ventilated and can even perform a massage while on the road.

Comfortable and uncluttered, the interior also boasts completely wireless smartphone projection which displays all your apps onto the new 10” touchscreen.

The fully integrated Pure Panel digital cockpit gives you a full 20” of information and infotainment display. All easily accessed through touchscreen technology or intuitive natural voice recognition to control key communication and cabin functions. This can control your choice of music, sat-nav commands, phone connectivity and even interior climate control.

Not only can you go hands-free, but you can go cable-free too with super convenient wireless phone charging. 

All-new Vauxhall Astra available from FG Barnes Vauxhall in Maidstone and Guildford


The all-new Astra demands attention from every angle.

Bold and pure, the finely tuned exterior lines give it a distinctive and confident stance. From the front, the iconic Vauxhall Vizor takes centre stage, sweeping effortlessly through the signature LED headlights.

The dynamic look continues with the contrasting floating black roof matched to the black Vizor treatment and gloss badge detailing on most models. There’s no doubt that the new Astra redefines classic hatchback design.

The new Astra simply excels when it comes to safety and driver assistance and it’s not hard to see why. The semi-autonomous driving features of Intelli-Drive combined with new and improved IntelliLux adaptive LED pixel headlights, Intelli-HUD head-up display and Intelli-Vision, all are designed to give you unparalleled command and control of your journey.

Engine and technology

The agility, driveability and comfort of the all-new Astra is second to none.

Take your pick from a range of enhanced turbo-charged powertrains, including a responsive 1.2 petrol or highly-efficient 1.5 diesel, both delivering up to 130PS alongside the availability of a sophisticated 8-speed transmission with three driving modes.

Pure electric, Hybrid and Sport modes allows you to modify your drive to bring you sophisticated power on any road.

The new Astra HYBRID-e gives you the best of both worlds. With up to 180PS combined power and a 35-mile pure electric range that will cover your daily commute, plus a 1.6 150PS Turbo petrol engine for longer journeys.

The new Astra is a car you’ll love to drive and own.

​Up to 180PS 

From Plug-in HYBRID-e technology


In 8.5 seconds

​Three driving modes

Pure electric, Hybrid, and Sport

All-new Vauxhall Astra available from FG Barnes Vauxhall in Maidstone and Guildford
New Vauxhall Astra available from FG Barnes Vauxhall in Maistone and Guildford
All-new Vauxhall Astra available from FG Barnes Vauxhall in Maidstone and Guildford