Vauxhall Combo Life Electric Introducing the Vauxhall Combo Life Electric

New Vauxhall Combo Life Electric from £34,085

Available at FG Barnes Vauxhall Guildford

With loads of space, premium comfort and smart safety features, Combo Life Electric is ideal for the whole family. For weekends away, trips to the seaside or camping adventures, the Combo Life Electric ensures you make the most out of life.

Designed to give you the best of everything. Space and comfort on the inside for up to seven passengers, practical and innovative safety features to keep you relaxed on the road, and emission-free driving so you can make the most out of family life without compromise.

Explore the features of our Combo Life Electric. The perfect car for busy families and active lifestyles. And with loads of customisation options, you can make Combo Life Electric your own.


Packed with practical ideas, the Combo Life Electric offers the flexibility of 5 or 7 easy-fold seats (removable on 7-seat models). The interior space is generous, even with seven on-board, and there is a ton of handy storage areas around the vehicle cabin.

Technology on-board is like nothing the Combo Life Electric has seen before. A 180° panoramic rear-view camera gives you an ‘extra eye’ to put an end to twisting around to see what’s behind you. Instead, your rear view is projected onto the Combo Life Electric’s 8” touchscreen, ensuring parking and reversing is easier than ever.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto easily connects your smartphone and projects it onto the high-resolution 8” touchscreen display. Everything you need is at your fingertips, such as your contacts, favourite playlists and sat-nav.

To make the most of your 174 mile range, special LEV connected services are included with Combo Life Electric. Controlled remotely from your smartphone, you can set the climate control system to warm up the car whilst on charge to maximise your range. Or plan ahead by arranging your charging cycles and mapping your journey to include all the charging stops you need.

Multimedia Navi Pro makes everyday journeys and longer trips even more relaxed. It serves up helpful information like live traffic updates, real-time fuel prices, parking availability and points of interest. Up to five different drivers can personalise their settings.

A head-up display keeps you looking ahead, instead of looking down at your instrument panel. Important information that you may need, such as your speed, speed limit signs, navigation details and collision alerts all appear in your line of vision, so your eyes stay glued to the road.​


The Combo Life Electric has a bold and distinctive shape, topped by practical roof rails to ensure you have the space and capability for anything you may need on your travels.

The high roofline hints at the huge space inside and the twin sliding doors give you safe and easy access in and out of the vehicle, especially in a tight space or if you’ve got little ones on-board.

There’s also a large, versatile boot, perfect for busy families and active lifestyles. With a tailgate as standard, access to the load area is easy, too, and all your bags and belongings slide in safely thanks to the convenient flat loadspace floor.

This model has colours available that will really show off your personality, including White Jade, Onyx Black, Moonstone Grey, Cool Grey, Night Blue, Quartz Silver and Copper Metallic. What your car says about you is your decision with the new Combo Life Electric.


  • 174 miles
  • 50kWh lithium-ion battery
  • 3 drive modes – normal, power and eco
  • Up to 80% charge in 30 minutes (with 100kW rapid charger)

Combo Life Electric comes fitted with a 7.4kW on-board charger and mode 3 cable. An 11kW on-board charger is available as an extra cost option.

The charging flap’s padlock LED lights up when the cable is correctly plugged in and locked, and then acts as a user interface to show the charging status via coloured LED lights:

  • White: welcome light that helps to light up the area, especially useful in dark conditions
  • Flashing green: charging in progress
  • Solid green: charging complete
  • Solid blue: delayed charging toggled; changes to flashing green when charging commences
  • Solid red: malfunction

The driver may also choose from two settings:

  • Immediate charging (the standard setting): Starts charging as soon as the vehicle is docked for charging
  • Delayed charging: This is especially useful for when cheaper electric rates are desired, e.g. charging at night. Simply enter a charging start time

The smart IntelliGrip system has 5 separate driving modes that can help ensure stability and keep you safe on any terrain. It will adapt to low-grip conditions such as driving in mud, sand or snow and helps to keep you in control.

The regenerative braking system works when the vehicle is in motion, creating energy by the resistance of the brakes against the drivetrain, which is the converted into DC voltage to partially recharge the battery. The driver can engage braking mode through the drive selector to increase the level of energy recuperation.