The award winning and ultimate paint protection package! GEN-3 GLASSCOAT's ceramic chemistry is tested and proven to be solvent resistant and up to 10 times more durable than most traditional fluoropolymer-based products currently available on the market. This unsurpassed and consistent performance means that Gen-3 Glasscoat protection also comes with a standard 5-year guarantee. No inspection or conserver type top-up maintenance is required.

What is Gen-3 Glasscoat?

Gen-3 Glasscoat is a complex formula, ceramic hardened glass finish which bonds to your car's paint surface. Due to its ceramic technology, the product also demonstrates amazing adhesion and cohesion, and certain dirt shedding properties. Gen-3 Glasscoat repels liquids and is extremely resilient to all kinds of damage. This damage includes acid rain, pollution, solvents and road salt, and will resist the effects of car washes, solvents, animal and vegetable deposits.

Gen-3 Glasscoat helps new cars to retain their brand new look and revitalises the appearance of pre-owned vehicles. Dirt and grime is easily washed off, ensuring that your vehicle stays looking newer for longer.

No other products supplied within the UK can boast these ceramic credentials. Gen-3 Glasscoat delivers exceptional protection in extreme temperatures and the harshest of environments. Gen-3 Glasscoat has even been fully tested and approved by Boeing!

How much does Gen-3 Glasscoat cost?

Gen-3 Glasscoat exterior and interior coating costs £399.