Accidental damage is an everyday reality and replacing a damaged tyre or repairing an alloy can be costly and frustrating, particularly if it's due to no fault of your own. Combined Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance is a cost-effective solution to cover the expense of repairing cosmetic damage to your alloy wheels, and repairing/replacing tyres in the event of damage. The key benefits of Combined Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance are:

  • Reassurance of knowing you're covered if your tyres and/or alloys are accidentally or maliciously damaged
  • Fast repair with our skilled nationwide network at your preferred location, including at home or work
  • Claim up to 5 times for every year of cover purchased for both alloys and tyres
  • No excess to pay when claiming
  • Cover starts from day 1 with no waiting period and no restrictions around the age or mileage of vehicles
  • Reimbursement of up to £150 (inc. VAT) towards alternative repair method or a replacement alloy wheel if cosmetic repair techniques can't be used

Is this product right for you?

You're eligible for this product if:

  • you purchased your vehicle no longer than 30 days ago
  • you're a resident in the UK or Channel Islands; or
  • if you're a partnership, company or other legal entity registered in the UK or Channel Islands
  • your alloy wheels are not specialist wheel constructions or finishes. This includes split rim, chrome rim, multi-piece, chrome finished or ball polished alloy wheel, steel wheels or hub caps
  • your vehicle isn't for commercial or light commercial use; however, Personal Class 1 business use is covered for up to 20,000 business miles per year

How much does Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance Cost?

TermsSMARTAlloy onlyTyre and Alloy (£200 benefit)Tyre and alloy (£400 benefit)
12 months £151 £109 £146 £273
24 months £199 £141 £193 £315
36 months £241 £173 £230 £400
48 months £294 £215 £289 £495