Fiat 500e wins Best Small Electric Car in Parkers New Car Awards 2022

The Fiat 500e has taken home yet another award! This time, it has bagged a trophy in the Parkers New Car Awards 2022, winning in the Best Small Electric Car category. Its impressive range, iconic design and easy-to-drive engineering all factored into why this small but mighty car took the win.

Besides being Fiat’s first ever 100% electric vehicle, the Fiat 500e also delivers plenty of top-class features like Level 2 autonomous driving, up to 199 miles of range and a choice between 24kWh or 42kWh batteries.

When driving the new Fiat 500e, you can also benefit from fast charging capabilities, meaning you can recaharge to 80% in just 35 minutes, or 30 miles in only 5 minutes when you need it most.

There are 3 trim levels you can choose from: Action, Icon and La Prima, along with convertible options from the Icon and La Prima versions.

Keith Adams, editor at Parkers, said: “What makes a great city car? Pert looks, titchy overall dimensions, a tight turning circle, and zero emissions are good starters, and the new Fiat 500 Electric ticks all those boxes and more. The Parkers team has fallen for this car big time, and I can understand why, thanks to all of the above and an agreeable starting price. Top all that off with a model line-up that includes a cheap entry-level model with a smaller battery, as well as a long-range version that can turn its hand at motorway driving, and you have a great all-rounder that’s difficult not to fall for.”

Parkers praised the exterior, and said that as a small, urban run-around, the Fiat 500e nails the brief in todays world. Continuing on to the vehicles interior, “sleek and simple to use with up-to-date tech” stood out to the panel and ultimately lead to the Fiat 500e taking home the win.

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