FG Barnes Group Coronavirus stance | South East England

FG Barnes Group stance on COVID-19

Updated Monday 20th April:

Following on from our previous note earlier in the week, we’d like to remind you of the following and mention a few updates that we’ve made over the past few days. Our Aftersales departments will remain open in order to provide essential Aftersales care to our customers who are (primarily) key workers. The Government confirmed on Wednesday 25th March, that if you have an MOT scheduled after 30 th March, you have a 6 month extension. If this applies to you, you can re-arrange your upcoming MOT booking. With our Aftersales departments staying open for the key workers, we would like to ensure our customers of the following steps we have taken to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers;

If any FG Barnes employee has been exposed to the Virus be it personally or through friends or family, they are being advised to self-isolate. Staff members will only return to work once the symptoms have cleared and they’ve been advised by someone within a Medical Profession.

The FG Barnes Group is implementing additional precautionary measures which include the following:

  • Providing centres with additional supplies of hand soap to aid frequent hand washing.
  • All of our employees are now required to wear gloves.
  • Providing a supply of hand sanitiser (dependent on availability).
  • Asking our employees to report in where: they are being tested for / have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, have recently been in contact with an infected person or have been asked to self-isolate.
  • Working with minimal staff at each site to protect our staff and customers and to maintain the correct levels of social distancing.

Once again, our Aftersales Management team is on hand throughout the day to answer any concerns you may have.

With the exception of our DAF Trucks Sales department, all other Sales Departments are closed for the immediate future. If you were due to be collecting your new car in the next couple of weeks, either your Sales Executive or Sales Manager will be in contact, if they haven’t been already. You can still enquire through our website and these will be picked up by our Sales Teams as soon as possible. As of, 16th April, the UK Government extended lockdown for a further three weeks, meaning our Sales Departments won't be open until mid-May.