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Infiniti Introduces Idris: A Chatbot Assistant For Customer Enquiries

We are delighted to introduce you to Idris, our new, technology led virtual customer services assistant, designed to help customers with any product or brand related questions they would like answered.

Available around the clock and even at weekends, Infiniti's virtual employee will be accessible wherever and whenever that burning question needs answering. All it will need in order to seek his advice is a phone or wifi connection and 'hey presto' an answer will soon be in your hand!

Idris is a chatbot, communicating through a text messenger service and answering the majority of everyday Infiniti customer questions, effectively, efficiently and promptly; Idris never sleeps!

He has been recruited for his engaging, friendly personality and is unique, like his human colleagues, so don't be surprised if you occasionally find his own brand of humour woven into his responses.

If you want to know which Infiniti model suits your requirements, investigate the Q30, arrange a test drive, find your nearest Infiniti centre or even request a human sales assistant to call you, just message Idris.

Initially launching on the Infiniti Facebook platform, Idris provides the next level of customer service, to serve you at your convenience. It is currently available in France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

As with all employees, Idris will be working a probationary period where he will be on a steep learning curve, developing the vocabulary and learning new phrases in this test phase throughout July and August.

Once proven, Idris will settle at his permanent desk on the Infiniti consumer website. He's a pretty chap and will also answer questions in German, French and Italian. If you want to know what Idris stands for, make that your first question...he will be delighted to tell you...!

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