Kit Harrington takes the Infiniti Q60 for a drive | FG Barnes

Kit Harington takes the new Infiniti Q60 for an empowered drive in his debut brand film Tyger

Infiniti have marked the launch of the Q60 with a film starring one of the world's most talked about actors, Kit Harington. The short film titled, Tyger is a one-minute film where Kit Harrington gets into the new Q60 and dramatically begins reciting the poem, written by William Blake. Harington's intense performance is emphasised as he takes both the poem and the Infiniti Q60 for a visceral, winding drive.

With both the Q30 and Kit Harrington being an exploration of aesthetic beauty, primal ferocity, ambition and seduction, Kit Harington has said the following about his inspirations, "What inspires me personally in my life is a beautiful piece of writing. Something which is specific, delicate and beautiful". Infiniti's Senior Director of Marketing Melissa Bell, had this to say about the actor, "Kit Harrington is a unique and refined talent. He is performance orientated with intelligence and a passion for his artistry and the Q60 has inspired a powerful performance from him in Tyger. The Q60 is a dynamic automobile, driven by one of the world's best actors - a winning combination".

Harington's Tyger film is one of three new films being released to mark the launch of the Q60. In the coming weeks Infiniti will release web films of Audio Engineer and Music Technologist Young Guru and Sneaker Designer Sophia Chang.

The Q60 featured in this film is a premium sports coupe that combines expressive design with exhilarating performance and dynamics. The taut, muscular lines of the exterior hint at the Q60's considerable performance potential - enhanced with the all-new 3.0 litre V6 twin-turbo engine.