The Nissan LEAF Specifications


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Available from £28,495

This model is available in three trims, Acenta, N-Connecta and Tekna, and comes in a range of colours including Gun Metallic, Storm White, Pearl Black and Flame Red, as well as Two Tone options including Storm White body with Pearl Black roof and door mirrors, Magnetic Red with Pearl Black roof and door mirrors, and Ceramic Grey with Pearl Black roof and door mirrors.

LEAF reveals a bold, sleek new look; sharp lines, a dynamic front end and a signature floating roof. It features a rear spoiler, a sleeker bonnet seam, crisp-cut corners with aero fins as well as aero design wheels, all of which contribute to improved aerodynamics.

With its sharp lines and blue '3D mesh' front grille, the LEAF stands out from regular family hatchbacks. The LEAF has a striking shape with hi-tech lines surrounding it. The front of the vehicle has Nissan’s family grille, and tail-lights echo those of the Nissan Juke.

Entry level Acenta models come equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, and N-Connecta trims upwards come with tinted windows and a black pillar between the front rear doors. Top spec Tekna models have full LED headlights.

    Tailor your LEAF Europe's best selling electric vehicle has now two versions to match a range of lifestyles.
    Slice through the air Thanks to its advanced aerodynamic design, the Nissan LEAF delivers on every level.
    So much style The LEAF has a huge number of accessories to add on including 17" bold alloy wheels with a blue strip.


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    The LEAF offers supreme refinement for a more relaxed drive. Step inside the luxuriously quiet cabin and you’ll be greeted with a new level of silence, until you turn up the Bose Premium Audio System that is.

    Add comfort features such as heated seats and heated steering wheel, and every drive has the chance to be simply amazing.

    Featuring a stunning floating 8” display screen, the new NissanConnect for Nissan LEAF is your central control system. Connect your smartphone to your car, optimise your routes, better manage your battery, get help and support throughout your journey and even improve the way you drive. Simply download the NissanConnect Services app to get in sync with your vehicle.

    Plug in your smartphone and have access to all your favourite music, enjoy your favourite podcast and even use your chosen navigation app.

    On the display screen, you will have access to the nearest chargers around you and find the best charger location that suits you. Opening hours, price, accessibility, maximum power – finding the most convenient place to charge is never a problem with the LEAF.

      Thrill your senses Get ready for an experience that pushes all the right buttons when you’re behind the wheel.
      The sound of silence Step into the luxiourious quiet cabin of the Nissan LEAF where you’ll find a new level of serenity.
      Load up It all adds up to a vehicle that can handle just about anything you ask of it with a capacity of up to 435 litres.


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      The Nissan LEAF makes driving around roundabouts and up and down busy streets fuss-free. And, lets not even get started about how easy traffic-jams are. The LEAF can transport you up to 168 miles and up to 239 miles for LEAF e+ models on a single charge. The city is your oyster.

      For those who love driving in the city, the Nissan LEAF has a range of up to 169 miles, gained from every charge of its 40 kWh battery. The advanced Nissan LEAF will ensure smooth and trouble-free daily drives to school and work.

      For those who have a longer commute, you can opt for the LEAF e+ which will feature a range of up to 239 miles thanks to its 62 kWh battery.

      There are two charging options, the first being a home or office charger. Offering 7kW of charging and will fully charge your LEAF in 7 hours 30 minutes and LEAF e+ in 11 hours 30 minutes.

      The second option is to charge when on the go, using a 50kW CHAdeMO rapid charger, usually found at petrol/service stations. This will take your LEAF battery from 20% to 80% in around 60 minutes and your LEAF e+ in around 90 minutes.

        Sail through the city Cruise the urban landscape with a range of 168 miles for 39kWh batteries.
        Enjoy commuting again Switch to D-Mode and activate ProPILOT to reduce the stress of a long commute.
        Nissan e-Pedal Yes, you only need one pedal to accelerate, decelerate and brake in the Nissan LEAF – it’s amazing.


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        The Nissan LEAF is equipped with the latest Intelligent Driving technologies including e-Pedal and ProPILOT systems, and energises you with the future of dynamic driving. The all-electric Nissan LEAF is the perfect expression of smart and sustainable Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

          Stay connected There's a new 8" touch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto add seamless connectivity between your smartphone and your car 24/7.
          It's never been easier to park Just pull up, hold the button, let go of the wheel and watch your LEAF park perfectly.
          Get a warning before you make a move Nissan Intelligent Mobility can make you more aware of
          your surroundings.
          Zap-Map Get a Zap-Map Premium subscription with the purchase of your electric vehicle.