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SEAT Tarraco Introducing the SEAT Tarraco
SEAT Tarraco

SEAT Tarraco available from £29,155

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"The SEAT Tarraco is shaping up to be a strong seven-seat SUV, offering just enough sportiness without compromising comfort. It blends this with more tech inside and practicality to push rivals in this sector. Pricing and efficiency will be key, but with SEAT’s sporty edge and sense of style, the signs are positive" - AutoExpress

Created in Barcelona

1953. The first SEAT rolls off the Barcelona production line and a whole country starts moving. More than 60 years later and people are being moved all over the world. But Barcelona remains an inspiration. It's creative spirit runs through our veins. Feeds into every car produced. (In fact, 50% of the energy we use to make our cars comes direct from Mediterranean sunshine). This is a city that never stops. And neither will we. Why? Because you have places to be.

It's never too late to start something extraordinary. The new SEAT Tarraco is the large SUV that gives you the space to move, grow and expand. Because life isn't for standing still. Or settling for second best. Iconic, distinctive, determined. This is the SUV designed for people who aren't afraid to be their true selves, and live large. Same is boring. With the new SEAT Tarraco, you've found a sophisticated space that dares to be as different as you are.

Life isn't for waiting. It's for living. The new SEAT Tarraco SUV comes with the latest in innovative design and technology. So nothing can stop you. Like to have it all? Sleek sophistication with a sports design. And all that extra space to make your own. Too late? Too difficult? Not anymore. The new SEAT Tarraco with state of the art technology means that anything is possible.

Not the type to stand still? The advanced safety features of the new SEAT Tarraco keep you moving in the right direction. Stylish. Sporty. Inspiring. The new SEAT Tarraco is the large SUV designed for those who aren't afraid to break the boundaries.

Ready for something new?

The new SEAT Tarraco comes with the most advanced technology to keep you connected and in control. Because when you have the tools to take on the world, anything is possible. The desire for more drives us forward. More space. More style. The new SEAT Tarraco is for those who are ready to take on the road ahead. Iconic. Distinctive. Designed for real people. This is the large SUV for those who love to take on the next challenge.

Space that you design. With sliding rear seats in the second row and the rear most seats folding flat to floor, you can expand the space to suit your needs on every journey. Elegant and lightweight 20" Supreme alloy wheels that bring style to the road. A 10.25" Digital Cockpit displaying maps and driving assistance systems for an enhanced driving experience. Integrated road safety system that automatically calls the emergency services in case of an accident. Calls can also be made manually.

Growing up is not about settling down. We don't wait. We grow. Meet the new SEAT Tarraco, on sale in the UK in early 2019. Like to have it all? Sleek sophistication. Sporty finish. And that extra space to make your own. Stylish. Sporty. The new SEAT Tarraco is the large SUV designed for those who aren't afraid to break boundaries.

Why shouldn't change come easy? No matter which direction you take, your choice of stylish upholstery gets you there in comfort. Available in a variety of colours, from Oryx White, Reflex Silver, Atlantic Blue, Dark Camouflage, Indium Grey, Urano Grey or Deep Black, the SEAT Tarraco is one exceptional SUV - offering you a number of different customisation options, for an altogether more personalised driving experience.

No regrets. Just experiences. Looking for something different? Whichever road you choose, you can personalise your new SEAT Tarraco to suit your own way. Comfortable in your own skin? Unique and sophisticated moulding on your fog lights, side doors and tailgate. For a look that's all yours. The space to be yourself. For all your extra equipment, why not choose the boot upper tray? Two layers of storage for your SUV give you yet another reason to get out there and follow your passions.

Not time like the present. Why wait for later? When you add a ski rack, bike rack, surf rack or roof box, you never lose track of what matters most. Looking good. Top to bottom. It's all in the detail. Floor mats add the finishing touch to your new SEAT Tarraco. Tired of the beaten track? New roads aren't always easy. Mudflaps in the front and rear protect the paintwork of your new SEAT Tarraco from stone chips.

Life's too short for second best

One SUV. Up to 7 seats. Sliding. Folding. Adapting to your life, and all your plans. Adapt. Expand. Never stop growing. Seven seats as standard. Foldable. Slidable. Flat to floor. 700 litres of space with third row folded, 1775 litres with rear seats folded. Life is about moving forwards. New technologies to embrace. New directions to travel. New looks to try. Nothing can stop you. Don't let worry hold you back. In case of an accident, eCall automatically notified emergency services. An emergency call can also be made manually.

With the most advanced technology at your fingertips, you can break down any barrier. The new SEAT Tarraco keeps you connected. And forever curious. Why not shine? Light the way with full LED headlights and LED tail lights of your new SEAT Tarraco. Easier. Every day. Ever new Tarraco comes with a Media System or Satellite Navigation as standard, including an 8" touchscreen display, DAB Digital radio, Bluetooth and Full Link.

When it comes to safety, you don't take risks. That's why every aspect of the new SEAT Tarraco is designed with your safety in mind. For a future that's fearless. Had an accident? The new Tarraco has a built in emergency call system that automatically notifies emergency services. Or you can make the call yourself by just pressing the button.

These systems can prepare the new Tarraco for an accident if the sensors detect that a collision is about to happen. Working together, the seatbelts are tightened around the passengers, any open windows will be closed and should the car roll, the car will automatically call the emergency services. If the car in front suddenly brakes or a bicycle unexpectedly crosses your path, the new SEAT Tarraco reacts instantly and applies the brakes automatically. Traffic Jam Assist estimates your distance from other cars in traffic and adjusts your speed without leaving the lane, thanks to Lane Assist.

Wherever you go, the new SEAT Tarraco's interior makes sure that you feel comfortable, because confidence definitely comes from within. It's not why. It's why not? Great music never gets old. With a 400W amplifier, high end subwoofer, 10 premium tuned speakers, you're sure to get a premium sound experience. Ready for anything? The 4Drive all wheel drive system gives you the power to take on any road condition with added traction, stability and grip.

With the advanced customisable 10.25" screen, you can display maps or driving assistance information such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Front Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition. All in one customisable display. Always on the go? Place your phone in the Wireless Charger to keep your battery topped up. Because comfort comes first in the SEAT Tarraco, the new large SUV.