MyVauxhall is your one-stop shop for managing everything to do with your Vauxhall - and it's free, exclusively for Vauxhall drivers. To manage all of the amazing services that come with your Vauxhall, you will need to download the MyVauxhall app from your phone's app store. Using the app, you can check your service/MOT history, book your vehicle in with us, access roadside assistance and loads more! Also, if you drive one of our electric vehicles, you'll be able to take full advantage of our e-Remote Control app feature!

Joining MyVauxhall offers you a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Managing your Vauxhall Connected Services
  • Access to EV Remote Services and Send to Nav
  • Vehicle Status and Maintenance Alerts
  • Ownership offers and accessories
  • News updates on Vauxhall-related events, new models, and other promotions
  • Updating your map software, saving your vehicle location and trip stats
  • Service Reminders
  • Product updates
  • Tutorial 'How to' videos on your model
  • Online service booking
  • Online owner's manual
  • Access to Vauxhall's on line magazine - V-Mag

V-Mag is a Vauxhall's online magazine that lets you stay up-to-date with the latest Vauxhall news and industry trends, pick up driving tips, enter competitions, and more. Plus, each magazine is themed around a different topic - from colours to heroes. Download the app and stay updated anywhere, or browse through previous editions.

For further information, visit MYVAUXHALL.COM or contact one of our friendly and experienced team members at FG Barnes by calling 01483 885885.