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Vauxhall Combo Life Introducing the Vauxhall Combo Life

New Vauxhall Combo Life Range from £23,015

Available at FG Barnes Vauxhall Guildford & Maidstone

With loads of space, premium comfort and smart safety features, Combo Life is ideal for the whole family. For weekends away, trips to the seaside or camping adventures, the Combo Life ensures you make the most out of life.

Vauxhall Combo Life and Combo Life 7 Seater Interior

Inside, Combo Life's all about relaxed, practical and flexible living, brought together by smart, harmonious design. In the well appointed cabin a high seating position gives a great view of the road ahead. Meanwhile, the cool, ambient lighting and super comfortable air conditioned interior mean that once you're seats, you just won't want to get out. Family is front and centre for Combo Life. Which is why it comes equipped with an array of smart safety features as standard, like lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition and forward collision alert, as well as an optional range of clever driver assistance and safety systems.

It gives you more. More practicality. More space. More clever features. More time for the important things. Like weekends away with the kids. Spontaneous trips to the seaside. Adventures. Get togethers. Family time. Me time. It simply helps you make the most of life. Because let's face it, there's more to life than just getting from A to B... and there's more to Combo Life.

You have places to be. A family to look after. Hobbies to follow. You need a car that can handle it all. Say hello to Combo Life. With Combo Life you get a choice of 5 or 7 seats (the latter equipped with a third row of seats that can be easily removed should you need to boost your boot space).

Twin siding rear doors make Combo Life safe and easy to get in and out of the rear cabin, and the flat load space floor makes it simple to fit everything in safely. Combo Life comes in two lengths, designed to give you stacks of practicality and versatility. Choose from standard or XL, with the latter giving you a whopping 2,693 litres of load space.

You will find an 8” colour touchscreen multimedia infotainment system as standard in every model, featuring full smartphone integration and connectivity compatible with CarPlay and Google Android Auto. On this screen, you will also be able to navigate seamlessly with the Multimedia Navi Pro; a super fast processor, dynamic mapping and embedded voice recognition for smarter hands-free control.


There's plenty of room for living inside Combo Life. You get a huge load area as standard. And when you've got even more to carry, you can easily fold the rear seats or, on 7 seater models, remove the third row seats. Load it up and off you go. The 5 seater model gives you a 60/40 split rear bench while the 7 seater gives you three individually foldable second row rear seats and two removable third row rear seats. An extra large load area and convenient flat floor - perfect for just about anything you need to take with you.

There's room for more inside Combo Life. Choosing from the 5 or 7 seat models, giving more than enough room for large or extra large families, with safe and easy access through the handy, sliding rear doors. It's a car that could take you anywhere. Stylish, confidence and versatile, Combo Life's bold stance and raised driving position mean it's ready for anything.

Combo Life's packed with all the safety features you need for safer, easier driving. The best bit? You'll get most of them as standard. There's lots to love inside Combo Life. Look around and you'll find up to 28 storage solutions and clever compartments - all under one panoramic roof. Tucked away inside the cleverly designed cabin you'll find up to 28 separate storage compartments; from small and large cup holders to a handy locker hidden beneath the rear footwell.

The panoramic roof floods Combo Life with even more light. It comes complete with a huge overhead storage console, ambient LED lighting and an electric sunblind.

Forward collision alert warns you of hazards ahead, giving you plenty of time to act. And automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection will automatically slow down or stop should a car or person get too close. Lane keep assist with lane departure warning keeps you in lane and out of harm's way, with an alert sound and a gentle nudge of your steering wheel. Traffic sign recognition detects speed limits and displays them clearly in your instrument cluster.


Wherever you drive, it’s good to be entertained and connected. It makes journeys go so much smoother. Which is why Combo Life comes with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to synchronise your smartphone and its sat nav, music and news app services to the on-board touchscreen, with Siri or Google voice control for hands-free operation.

Time for a power trip. Clean, lean and featuring award-winning design, Combo Life gets a powerful and efficient 1.2 turbo-charged petrol engine that delivers 110PS and yet meets today’s stringent environmental demands head on. Our driver drowsiness system alerts you if you show signs of tiredness. It does this firstly by using sensors to monitor for any sudden steering corrections. The system also reminds you to take regular breaks when you are making longer journeys.