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Vauxhall Extended Warranty

As a new vehicle, your Vauxhall car has been covered for any mechanical or electrical defect by an extensive manufacturer warranty.

As the warranty period of 3 years draws to a close, you may be wondering what would happen should your car need a repair?

Vauxhall can offer you peace of mind with their range of Extended Warranty Policies, starting from just £249.

As modern cars are extremely complex, both mechanically and electronically, repairs can often surprise you with their cost. Even a small part can involve a significant labour time. Help is at hand! Vauxhall's Extended Warranty can give you the peace of mind you've enjoyed with your new car - for longer.

Remember, you can still rely on the expertise of our Vauxhall trained Technicians, our manufacturer approved replacement parts and our excellent customer service to ensure your vehicle stays in tip-top condition.

To find out more, or to take out an Extended Warranty Policy, please call either our Guildford or Maidstone Repair Centre on 01483 885885 or 01622 755531

Alternatively, please submit an enquiry.